Our Martyrs

The Martyr: Eyad Al-Shanan

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 Eyad Al-Shanan was born in U.A.E on 23/12/1997
He died in the Old City of Aleppo on 11/4/2015
He was like all the children in his age, spending his time playing with his friends. He was 13 years old when the Syrian Revolution began. By nature, he knew that this revolution was right and it would help the oppressed. First, he participated in the demonstrations and repeated the following motto: " People of Syria demand the fall of the regime."

The Martyr Salah Sattouf

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Salah Sattouf  was from Anadan , born on 1/ 5/ 1980
He was a military leader in the Sham Front.
He was known for his lovely spirit and  was loved by everyone. He was patient with his comrades. Also he helped all people especially the poor either in his hometown or in Aleppo and its countryside.
Salah participated in all the battles of Anadan against Al-Assad troops who tried to break into Anadan. He also fight against ISIS in the early 2014 and led all the military operations against it. These operations kicked ISIS out of Anadan. 

The Martyr: Subhi Darbalah

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Subhi Darbalah was a Mujahed in The Sham Front. He was one of the first Mujahdeen in Aleppo countryside who raised the signs of freedom. He also took the arms up to defend his dignity.
He was known for his patience, and his patience got him to become a leader of a group of Mujahdeen in order to break into Bustan Al-Qaser neighborhood and then Meneg Airport.
Darbalah was one of the first of those who participate in liberating this airport.
Sometimes when he was crying , his comrades asked him about the reason behind his crying.